Why am I writing a blog? I have never attempted to write a blog, or, had the ambitions to start one.  I believe it is time for me to write a blog, because I want my thoughts, plans and solutions to be displayed. Not to mention, I need to create a hobby to keep me productive during this hot summer. I can confidently compare myself to an introvert. Introverts often keep to themselves, so writing this blog is the perfect opportunity to express some of my ideas and theories.          

            Ambition the main reason I proceed to wake up in the morning. In America, of course, money is a splendid reason to get up in the morning; albeit money is incomparable to passion. One must find his/hers passion in life. One must find a reason to wake up in the morning. My passion is the reason I am starting this blog; solving problems has always been a second nature. One who inhibits the ability to solve problems must be a critical thinker. It is a skill that requires passion and motivation. It is important to know that I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Policy.  I want to become a Political Scientist and solve social problems and initiate policies that affect the world on a daily bases.  I do not desire to express my entire life. One important factor readers must know about me is the fact that I did not grow up wealthy. I surely wasn’t the poorest kid in school, but my parents definitely had to work hard every day to provide for three kids. I grew up very humbled and selfless.  I always had the desire to help others; becoming a Policy Analyst and solving social problems is the perfect opportunity to intertwine my skill-set and my passion (not to mention they earn an attractive salary). It’s all about the “Benjamins” in the United States, right?

            The blog site will not contain drama, gossip, or fictional stories. This will be the first and last time I will mention the name “Kardashian.”  That family (and many others) is irrelevant to the social issues I will be discussing; although, I will be discussing income inequality. It is the not solely the wealthy individuals that are responsible for income inequality, the United States Federal Government is certainly responsible for some of the social problems that occur within America, and other countries.  I am not going to play the “blame-game” in my writings.  I am going to present facts, statistics, and valid sources. This is what Political Scientist do; construct data and present evidence.  So, if I have intrigued you thus far, that is great. If not, maybe you are no interested in poverty, health care, politics, education, crime, and other aspects that affect human beings everyday. And by the way, I promise to decrease the usage of the word “I.” A blog premised by SOCIAL policy should not contain the word “I” so often. This blog is for the people of America who believe they are worth more than a 9-5 passionless job.