OltonPolicy services produce data reports, policy proposals, and public consent strategies. We assist both private and public entities. Contact us for more details! Email:

Social Policy Research

The Social Policy Research service helps clients discover the public’s adaptation to a particular law, policy, regulation, etc. Clients can expect for OltonPolicy to draft data summaries, policy proposals, and presentations. The goal is to generate evidence for clients to gain insight into a particular law or policy.

Our social policy focus includes education, poverty, crime, demographics, community & economic development, intimate relationships and organizational corruption.


Political Lobby

The Political Lobby service assist clients with generating public support for a referendum. Clients can expect OltonPolicy to draft demographical reports and evidence-based action plans to organize grassroots movements.

OltonPolicy assist political candidates and corporate organizations with insight on how to gain public support. We administer program strategies to gain support from constituents.


Public Relations Analysis

The Public Relations service is dedicated to engineering public consent. Clients can expect OltonPolicy to determine public perception in regards to policy agendas and timelines. In short, we inform clients on how to solve their issues related to public opinion.

OltonPolicy uses survey analysis, demographical reports, interviews, and other methods to project public perceptions and sentiments with organizational interests and objectives. We will give you information on how the public will perceive your organizational agenda.


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