Dedicated to all women around the world, especially the melanated fillies.  

The intention to dominate over another human being is much more a masculine trait.  It is men that have predominately created a world comprised of economic inequality and political corruption.  With that said, women have their vices too.  But some incorporate masculine traits and behaviors to thrive in a patriarchal society.  And other women have learned to use femininity to succeed. 

I bring this point up because I reviewed some information recently that is absolutely disheartening.  Last year, there were 84,767 rapes in the United States of America; the most of any country in the world.  (World Population Review, 2020).  South Africa was second with 66,196 rapes.  This amounts to 232 and 186 rapes a day, respectively.  And this does not include the assaults that go unreported.  The organization RAINN, confirms that someone is sexually assaulted almost every minute in America.  According to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), 82% of juvenile victims are female and 90% of adult victims are female. (RAINN, 2020).  One in six women may experience attempted or completed rape throughout their lifetime; one in three may experience sexual harassment. This is injustice. Some men have become conditioned to be sexually compulsive and mentally weak.  As a man, I am truly sympathetic to the fact that women are condemned to a culture that commits such inhumane acts.

So what do we know about the two most sexually violent countries in the world?  Both the USA and South Africa embed a Eurocentric culture.  Oh, and, the fact that these two countries are some of the most racist in the world.  Both countries have a rich history promoting White domination within their borders.  Both countries also pride themselves on a European way of life, which is White male superiority over every other living thing.  

A Eurocentric culture permits gender domination and inequality over women.  To further prove my point, North America had a total of 106,054 reported rapes. This includes Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.  The USA alone accounts for 80% of those sexual assaults.  Furthermore, Africa had a total of 80,343 rapes.  South Africa alone accounts for 82% of Africa’s sexual assaults.  This means the rest of the Africa accounts for less than 18% of the continent’s rapes.  And there are over one billion people in Africa! (that has been recorded).  This means that the rest of the African population does not commit sexual assaults at the same rate as these two racist countries.  Is it possible that Black culture respects women sexually more than Eurocentric cultures?  I believe this to be true.  The irony is racism and sexism are entrenched in European culture for millennia. 

So what does all this mean, and how do we change this unfortunate reality?  Given that South Africa and the USA practice Eurocentric domination, I believe we the young people need to adopt a culture, and sexual code of conduct that will hold men and women accountable to respect gender equity.  Let us not forget a few of these victims are male, and women must adhere to the same culture, and sexual code of conduct.  We must draw upon a code of conduct, such as the 42 Principles of Ma’at, that will forbid disrespecting human beings sexually.  This code of conduct should be introduced to students so they are aware and educated on how to conduct themselves sexually as an adult.  

Most would agree that sexual experiences can be blissful, but this only occurs when participants have agreed to all activity within the bedroom (or other settings).  I hope that this message will spark the mind of men to be sexually mature and mentally strong.  The Eurocentric way of life is enforced upon the American people.  This authority needs to crumble.  The world must adopt a culture that respects any and all human beings who adhere to the sexual code of conduct.

Lastly, I want to mention that this Eurocentric culture includes sodomizing children, and especially young girls.  I plan to intensify my research to expose the culture of pedophilia and child sex trafficking.  I will do everything in my power to crumble this Eurocentric culture and expose entities involved in pedophilia. 


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