Established in 2016, the OltonPolicy Foundation is a think tank dedicated to engineering social policy research. OltonPolicy is an international research institute with a focus on social trends. OltonPolicy studies public behavior to generate solutions through its research, services, and segments.

The goal is to create a society in which people can consciously think for themselves. OltonPolicy is a brand that represents consciousness. Our vision is to decrease poverty and truly transmit social, political, and economic power to righteous people.

OltonPolicy Foundation is a parent company that holds subsidiaries.

Subsidiary Companies:

The Lyfe Network – lyfe-network.com

E.R. Jones Institute: For the Disabled and Autoimmune – Launching TBD

Aten Agriculture – Launching TBD

PAYPAL: paypal.me/oltonpolicy

Contact OltonPolicy Foundation: lyfe90621@gmail.com

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