Disclaimer: The top 6 list is of the opinions of Black people around the world.  My personal beliefs were not calculated but only articulated.  All politicians need to be held accountable and adopt this policy proposal. The people have spoken and I just did the organizing.  Take note, and take responsibility for your neighbor’s behavior.  We are all accountable for humans suffering around the world. 

Introduction – Do You Care About Black Folks? But Forreal? 

People of all colors, nationalities, and genders are oppressed around the world.  But the reality is Black people, as a group, are the most oppressed race around the world.  African diasporas around the globe face the most treacherous situations on an average scale.  Sure one can argue that other groups of people are just as oppressed, but no group is perceived and treated subhuman more than the African, given world history.  All other groups deny their Blackness and accept the values of their economic oppressor at the top of the pyramid.

Black people as a group are placed at the bottom of the pyramid while other ethnic groups step on the heads and shoulders of one another with the illusion that Eurocentric supremacy will accept them into the exclusive pinnacle of the pyramid; Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians and other groups are sadly mistaken. Even the ordinary Caucasian does not understand that the cult is ‘White’ and does not care for the ordinary fair-skin human being.  The exclusive White cult will never accept the ordinary Caucasian at the top of the pyramid.  Supremacy is not racial; there are racial components but supremacy is exclusivity.   

  I was able to develop a list of significant issues confronting the most melanated beings based on the opinions of Black people.  There are many issues that confront Black folks, but I was able to discover a method to try and determine the top issues confronting Black people as a group. 


The method to collect the most oppressing issues confronting Black Americans was quite simple.  I literally walked the grounds asking any person(s) that identified as Black or African-American what they believed were the top five issues facing Black Americans.  I would tally up all the answers in my cell phone.  There were approximately 39 respondents.  

Not al 39 respondents were able to give 5 responses, but I used a tally system to compile the responses by category.  The category list would develop as I spoke to participants.  I did not construct a list for participants to choose from.  The approach was completely holistic and came from each respondent’s heart. 

Some of the places where I approached these individuals included bus stations, grocery stores, school campuses, the streets, etc. Most respondents resided in California, including Los Angeles County and the Bay Area.  Other participants came from out-the-state such as Texas, New York, and Michigan.  A few participants were also from the Caribbean and Africa. The age range of these Black folks ranged from 18-85.  It is beautiful to see a number of Black generations agree and disagree with the top five issues confronting Black Americans.  Let’s review.

6.   Lack of entrepreneurship and economic investment

Remember the articles that determined Black people would be completely broke in America by 2050? (Hoxie, Josh. 2017).  Well perhaps this issue speaks to that.  Black people are the largest consumers on the planet. We do not produce or manufacture anything at an equitable rate.  I commend the Black-owed business around the world, but this is minimal compared to how much we consume from businesses owned by non-Blacks.  

For us to flip the switch we will need to develop better spending habits.  As most people, we spend money recklessly.  And we spend money on materials that are useless including malt liquor, weaves/wigs, and depreciating assets (decreases in value overtime). We have to learn how to value our pennies.  We must educate ourselves in investment, infrastructure, and the economy. 

5.   Access to quality education

Majority of Black students do not obtain the opportunity to receive a relevant education predicated on their successful transition from childhood to adulthood.  In other words, Black children do not gain the life skills and knowledge to succeed as an adult compared to other ethnic groups of children.  In America teachers are predominately non-Black and do not understand the unique circumstances of the Black child.  Non-Black teachers would  only know the Black student if they are accustomed to Black people or culture.  And for the ignorant, some teachers may be inept to accept the cultural differences of the Black student. 

Basically there is a conflict of interests within the education system in America.  Oftentimes Asians and White students are equipped with the resources and guidance to succeed and become productive members of society through entrepreneurship and academia.  Comparatively, Black students are confronted with the practice of the school-to-prison pipeline, which is an academic scheme committed to criminalizing Black youth through the legal system before they reach the age of 18.  Also, Black students more frequently are confronted with broken homes and violence in their community compared to other ethnic groups of students.   Thus lacking the proper guidance to achieve in school.  And as Blacks have the highest poverty rate, most parents are unable to provide the same academic resources to their children.

America needs to provide the Black community with academic infrastructures that are completely managed and administered by local Blacks.  Black kids need their culture and people within schools.  In the realm of the classroom, students need to be segregated by ethnic group.  Why?  Well White kids are simply not impacted by the school-to-prison pipeline, and other machinations, at the same rate as Black students.  Black students need to be taught different lessons that will successfully transition them from childhood to adulthood.  Different life circumstances require different information.  

When recess begins all kids of any color can enjoy one another, but the classroom is for learning purposes and must be held to the highest standard at all times.  Give Black people their own academic infrastructure to guide and educate their babies.  Period. 

4.   Mental and Physical Health

The brain controls the body. When the mind is sick, the body will usually follow.  It is the lack of knowledge in nutrition that can progress infections, diseases, and disorders.  Black people are statistically the unhealthiest race, as a group.  We suffer from heart disease, cancer, homicide, obesity, and respiratory diseases at disproportionate rates. (Check your favorite website cdc.gov).  Sure these statistics are skewed towards Blacks in the South, but Black people nationwide do not have an understanding of what is nutritious for the African genome, and what is not.  

The Black population as a group simply does not have the income or knowledge to adequately take care of our mental and physical health.  Black people in the 20th century continued to eat slave food, including pig guts (Chitlins); a daily portion of animal flesh; and processed sugars and carbohydrates.  This is not Black people’s original African diet.  The African diet predominately consisted of food that was alive including organic plants (fruits, vegetables, etc.), herbs, grains, seeds, and spring water.  The holistic diet would only consume animal flesh during celebrations, not a Tuesday night at Burger King or Popeye’s.  

I am not a doctor but I have read literature by African holistic doctors.  The legends of Dr. Sebi and Dr. Afrika have noted that Black people have a unique genome that needs to be nourished by certain foods.  In simplest terms, Black people need to adopt an organic, nutritious diet that consist of more fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, seeds, and spring water.  Black people have a special and unique biochemical process.  We need to feed ourselves what is essential for melanin production and not consume genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Black people want Black-owned produce stores and hospitals!  

3.   Lack of unity amongst the Black race

How encouraging would this list be without at least pointing the finger at the accuser.  We must come to an understanding that everyone is accountable for the suffering of Black people.   African diasporas are to be granted land and infrastructure.  Reparations are to be legislated for African diasporas, or Black people.  But as Black people propose these policies, we must understand that Black Americans can no longer play the ‘race card.’  We can no longer play victim, so we better be prepared to work together as a group.  No more excuses.

Once upon a time, Black people were unified on this planet.  European colonization, terrorism, and culture then disrupted peace on the planet.  At this point Black people were programed to hate one another.  This information can be found reviewing West Indies slaveowner Willie Lynch’s letter to American slaveowners in 1712.  Lynch made it clear that slavery will only succeed if you create disunity and fear amongst the Black race.  Psychological warfare.  Divide and conquer has been a successful technique for centuries. And is a proven success.  

Till this day, most Black people do not love each other or themselves.  We murder one another more than any other race, by far.  Homicide is one of the leading cause of death for Black people in America.  There is a sense of distrust and disgust; almost to the point where it feels subconscious.  Sure any race living in a ghetto will prompt violence and crime, but we as people are going to have to figure out a way to reverse this process and love our brothers, sisters, and children.  Black people are the most powerful specimens in the world when we lock hands.  Love your brother and sister and end the greed, lust, sloth, gluttony, envy, wrath, and pride.  Love and respect Black people!  

2.   Law Enforcement and the Prison-Industrial Complex  

Oh, c’mon I know this is no surprise.  As a group, the 39 Black people I questioned believe that the justice system is the second biggest problem facing Black Americans.  I mean think about it, African diasporas were in chains 500 years ago and the same method is still utilized today.  In fact the 13th Amendment has given permission to treat Blacks as slaves if convicted of a “crime.”  No other institution enslaves and murders more Black babies than the “justice” system.  The reality is that the powers that be never wanted to get rid of subhuman activity, so they schemed a legal legislation to reaffirm slavery through the United States Constitution.  

Between 2013-2019, a third of all police violence was targeted at Black victims, albeit we only make up approximately 11% of the population in the U.S. (Statista, 2020).  This means one in three police brutality incidents were committed against Black people.  Just about the same statistic where one in three Black men will experience a jail cell in America within their lifetime.  By the numbers, it is safe to say Black people are killed by the police EVERY OTHER DAY!  This slave institution is indeed a horrendous circumstance destroying Black lives in the United States.  This is the one of few industries that murders Black babies and gets away with it. 

Last I checked, the prison-industrial complex is a multi-billion dollar industry.  That money is hard to relinquish for rich folks.  Although we know the solution is Blacks administering their own law enforcement, courthouses, and prisons, it is easier said than done.  This issue facing Black people has been big business for centuries.  The concept of chaining Black folks has been European tradition for at least 500 years.  Enslavement is the yin to capitalism’s yang.  It is going to take a revolution from all people to end this issue facing Black people.  But do the American people care enough about Black babies to rebel against the system? 

1.   Psychological and Cultural oppression from Racial Supremacy, ‘the system’

The number one problem voted on by Black respondents was ‘the system,’ widely known a White supremacy.  Through my interpretation I believe this to be government authority and international banking.  Ironically, this is the number one issue for ALL people.  Unfortunately, Caucasians, and other groups may not see it this way.   It must be understood that Black civilizations were civilized and highly sophisticated before the occurrence of European invasion.  Europeans colonizing the world is the WORST crime in history.  This crime enforced a culture and a way of life that crippled Blacks mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Meanwhile, other ethnic groups were psychologically conditioned to obey.  The Racial Supremacy system has resulted in billions of African diasporas worldwide to subject to a rotten Eurocentric system; while abandoning ancestral culture.  

It is through racial supremacy Black people have lost their sense of self; lost their sense of purpose; and reasonings to exist.  The psychological machinations of mass media has tricked all racial groups, including Blacks, to believe Blacks are bottom feeders and useless.  We have been portrayed as monsters and criminals, and some folks subconsciously believe this rhetoric.  We are portrayed as animals who have no morals when in fact we were responsible for maintaining a civilized world for thousands of years.  We created morals, ethics, laws, and a human codes of conduct (i.e. 42 Principles of Ma’at). 

We as Blacks need to relinquish ourselves from Eurocentric culture.  Blacks and other groups also need to wither away from the psychological propaganda administered by mass media and the cult.  Until we do so, Blacks will be perceived as subhuman, and will be treated as such.  And the rest of you will continue to spend a dime while you earn a nickel.  Create a economy that does not thrive on human suffering.  


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